Bathroom fitting in Brighton

Ready to have that new bathroom you've promised yourself installed? If so, talk to the bathroom fitting experts in Brighton to get the ball rolling. 

Your dream bathroom

A new bathroom can make such a massive difference to a home, and we can provide all types of designs, colour schemes and materials according to your tastes and budget. Fancy one finished in avocado? No problem. Talk to us and your bathroom fitting will be undertaken by genuine local experts.

Experienced and reliable

Why we're the number customers dial in Brighton:

  • Fully experienced - we've fitted many bathrooms locally in all types of spaces
  • Fair and transparent pricing - fully inclusive quotations for the whole bathroom fitting
  • Flexible bathroom fitting - a whole bathroom, an ensuite or just a new suite
  • Full service - we quote for and undertake the whole job including associated plumbing work

The whole job

When we assess and quote for your new bathroom fitting, you'll be reassured to know we handle the entire job including all the related plumbing work. There'll be no waiting for extra quotes form other contractors; the price we give you is the all-inclusive price for the work.

We're committed to your satisfaction, so we encourage you to discuss your full requirements with us and choose exactly the type of bathroom you want. Our goal is to provide it for you in every detail.

Let's see how we can help you with a bathroom you'll be delighted with for many years to come. Call the local professionals now on 01273 976911.