Boiler servicing in Brighton

Your boiler works tirelessly month after month keeping you warm and keeping the hot water flowing, but every now and then it may need some expert attention to keep it performing as it should. 

The area's boiler servicing specialists

We're Brighton local boiler servicing specialists with a strong track for providing top grade and competitively priced services. Our many satisfied customers benefit from boiler servicing and maintenance that makes sure their heating remains effective and the hot water keeps flowing. 

If nothing else, a regular inspection is worthwhile to make sure there are no problems brewing or any undetected gas leaks and excessive emissions.

Local expertise

What makes us popular locally:

  • Experienced and qualified - Gas Safe registered and many years servicing boilers
  • Honest approach - we'll do the work that's necessary; no more, no less
  • Fair pricing - don't let price be a barrier to keeping your boiler serviced regularly
  • Flexible servicing options - we can do one-off servicing or set up a regular maintenance plan 

Prevention is better than cure...

An old saying but very true. Regular boiler servicing can help prevent a situation where your boiler suddenly lets you down leaving you with no heat or hot water. We're used to working on many different types of boiler and can soon spot the warning signs.

Even better is to set up a regular inspection and maintenance routine with us. We'll arrange to come and inspect and perhaps service your boiler at certain intervals wherever you are in the Brighton. This removes the hassle of your having to remember to book boiler servicing and maintenance.

Don't run the risk of suddenly being without heat and hot water in the middle of a cold snap; call the boiler servicing professionals now on 01273 976911.